Lesotho: An example of how to deliver the World’s Largest Lesson as a campaign and education programme

The  Minister of Education Dr.Mahali Phamotse  and WVL National Director Mrs.Pauline Okumu sign the MOU. Photo courtesy  of World Vision

The Minister of Education Dr.Mahali Phamotse and WVL National Director Mrs.Pauline Okumu sign the MOU.
Photo courtesy of World Vision

By Emily Laurie, Project Manager of the World’s Largest Lesson


There are nearly 52,000 children in primary and secondary school in Lesotho. 52,000 children who are learning about the new UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development, learning how to be global citizens, learning how to take positive action in their community. All of this is due to the incredible comprehensive approach being taken to delivering the World’s Largest Lesson across all schools.


Working together in partnership

As soon as Ministries of Education and NGOs were contacted about the World’s Largest Lesson, in May 2015, a partnership was formed in country. World Vision and the Ministry of Education have worked together over the last 6 months, along with youth groups, teachers and volunteers, to ensure all schools were involved.


Setting out a plan

A plan was developed in partnership to roll out lessons on the new goals across all primary and secondary schools. This included the training of teachers on the new Global Goals before they were required to teach lessons on the topic. The initial plan goes through until early November, covering all the different regions in Lesotho.


Being creative and resourceful

An initial discussion raised some concerns about how the animated film could be distributed to all rural schools, with limited Internet access. A youth group offered up to use the film script to write a play at the goals! They have subsequently been touring schools performing the play to younger children.


World Vision also came up with creative communications ideas such as calling on students to write poems and songs about the goals. These were then pitched to Lesotho TV, which covered the launch of the initiative.


Committing to the future


The Ministry of Education and Training in Lesotho working with world Vision Lesotho, held a press conference to launch the World’s Largest Lesson and show their commitment to working together to making sure all children learn about the new Global Goals, not just this year, but for the next 15 years. The

Minister of Education, Dr.Mahali Phamotse, and World Vision Lesotho National Director Mrs.Pauline Okumu signed a Memorandum of Understanding, as shown in the photo, to formalize this commitment.


As we look forward to the future of the World’s Largest Lesson it is inspiring and encouraging knowing that in countries like Lesotho the initiative is already integrated into the countries plans for implementing the new goals. 52,000 children in Lesotho are learning about the Global Goals; lets continue to work together to make sure we can say the same for all 1.3 billion children around the world.